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Trainee Information

Educational Resources

Below are some links to resources you may find useful throughout your training.

Guidance for satisfactory progression 

Please also see the information on the MRCGP page.


Training in OOH

Guidance documents (Generic for Scotland)

Child Safeguarding

Scotland Deanery Level 3 Child Safeguarding Guidance

SEA Advice

Participation in SEA is a requirement for all GPs in training and after CCT for revalidation purposes. It is an important tool for improving patient safety, and promoting quality improvement. The links below provide some information on this process.

Patient Safety in Primary Care Resource on TURAS

Quality Improvement in Primary Care

Prescribing Resources

There are various valuable GP prescribing information bulletins identified below.  Some information is generic and some is specific to a particular health board prescribing list. It is worth checking any of them but specifically the ones relating to where you are working

South East Scotland

East of Scotland
West of Scotland

North of Scotland



British National Formulary 

This includes the online resources and access to the apps for both adults and children formularies. Be aware that you may need to also check the local formularies for the relevant list of local drugs of choice



Knowledge network

The NES Knowledge Network provides very useful point of care resources and guidance on literature searching. An athens login is required to access resources - contact the knowledge network team if you do not have a login or if it has expired. 


Leadership and Management Programme (LaMP)

The LaMP programme provides training in leadership and management skills, an important area within the RCGP curriculum. 


Trigger Tool Documentation

Trigger tool is another tool for quality improvement, which involves systematic review of a small batch of patient records. These links below provide information and guidance on this process, which you might want to consider as a quality improvement project. 


Patient Safety - other resources

Here are some other articles about patient safety, which you may find useful in your training.