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Trainer Information

ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression)

Information on the Scotland Deanery's ARCP policy and review procedures.

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Programme Director Handbook

Handbook of policies, guidance and information to support the TPD, FPD, DME and trainers

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Quality Management

The Scotland Deanery is responsible for ensuring the quality management of postgraduate medical education and trainin...

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Revalidation & SOAR

The GMC regulates licensed doctors and revalidation is an additional review that aims to give extra confidence to pat...

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Performance Support Unit (PSU)

Information on the Performance Support Unit for Trainers and Employers

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Medical ACT

Information for current and intending trainers for PGMET on the GMC requirements for recognition and the agreed proce...

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Report a Concern

If you have any concerns in relation to the delivery of training and education, you can raise a concern with the Scot...

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Career Management

Advice and information on providing careers guidance to trainees.

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Scottish Trainer Framework

The Scottish Trainer Framework (STF) was developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in partnership with the five S...

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Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine (ScotGEM)

ScotGEM is Scotland’s first graduate entry, undergraduate medical programme, offering a unique and innovative four-ye...

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Thriving in Medicine

These pages provide some help, support and practical advice on thriving in a rewarding and challenging career in medi...

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Improving Surgical Training Programme (IST)

Improving Surgical Training programme (IST) trainer information.

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