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Insulin Pump Secondment

Dr Muna Mohamed, Specialty Doctor Diabetes and Endocrinology, NHS Dumfries and Galloway SAS Project supported: 8 week insulin pump secondment in Harrogate

I joined Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in 2010, with the aim of developing specialist skills in diabetes and endocrinology whilst maintaining general medical skills. My current duties involve inpatient and outpatient care as well as acute medicine duties, providing diabetes care both in hospital and at the Diabetes Centre.

I am also involved in teaching and supervising of students from the University of Highlands and Islands during their training in the Diabetes Centre in Dumfries.
Having already completed an Insulin Pump course in early 2012, and having later commenced a Diploma in Diabetes, I recognised the opportunity to increase my own knowledge skills and experience in insulin pump therapy. Our team needed to expand existing service provision in line with CEL 4 guidelines, which requires the availability of insulin pump therapy to be rolled out across Scotland. Clinicians working in Diabetes need to be upskilled in managing patient care to provide a sustainable, safe and efficient service. 

In June 2013, supported by the SAS Development Project, I attended Harrogate District Hospital for a period of 8 weeks, undertaking a supervised Insulin Pump secondment. I received practical experiential training, working closely with patients, and acquired new skills in troubleshooting and managing complications associated with this type of therapy.

As a result of this 8 week secondment, I am now able to do the following:-
• deliver specific pump clinics
• contribute to redesigning the existing pump service
• cascade pump training to other clinicians
• undertake new leadership tasks and duties
• take on additional clinics

All of above is improving patient care and reducing waiting lists.