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About the workstream

The quality workstream has 8 specialty Quality Management Groups (sQMGs)


Each sQMG is responsible for the quality management of training in posts and programmes in the specialties within its scope across the whole of Scotland. sQMGs monitor and respond to the data, information and intelligence relating to the quality of training in posts and programmes in their specialties. This includes the running of their specialties’ Quality Review Panels (QRPs) (see below) and managing their outputs. These outputs include carrying out QM-QI visits to assess whether the GMC’s standards are being met. sQMGs also identify, promote and share good practice. sQMGs are separate from, but work in parallel with and support, Specialty Training Boards (STBs) that are aligned to the same groupings of specialties. 


Each sQMG is chaired by a Lead Dean / Director (LDD). The LDD will be a Postgraduate Dean or GP Director.  The sQMG has at least one Associate Postgraduate Dean for Quality, at least one Quality Improvement Manager (QIM), and the support of at least one Quality Improvement Administrator. The membership of sQMGs also includes Associate Postgraduate Deans for specialties, representatives from our Foundation and GP-Occupational Medicine-Public Health Medicine sQMGs. Finally, sQMGs include representation from lay, College and trainee representatives. sQMGs meet approximately 3 monthly, and each report on their activities to the Deanery Quality Management Group (DQMG).