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Foundation & Specialty Training Boards

The Foundation and Specialty Training Boards have an advisory role within the Deanery. They provide an expert overview of the programmes, information on curriculum changes, advice on workforce planning and a forum to discuss policy and other issues. Furthermore, the Boards provide expert input on curriculum delivery and the quality management of training programmes.

Each specialty grouping has a Specialty Training Board (STB) made up of Associate Deans, Training Programme Directors, College representatives, academics and trainees.

There are 8 Boards, covering groups of specialties and the Foundation programme.



Each STB is chaired by an Associate Dean or Director. There is a Lead Dean/Director for each specialty grouping and an administrative team. Therefore wherever you are in Scotland there are lead Deanery people overseeing your training. If you are a Foundation trainee, you can refer to the Foundation School pages for further information specific to you.