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Welcome to the Scotland Deanery

We have created two short induction films to tell you about our deanery, how it works and what you can expect as you begin your training.  We hope you find these useful and informative!

Welcome to the Deanery 

Supporting your Training


Governance of Training Management

Within the Scotland Deanery, training programmes are arranged either a) regionally or b) multi-regionally /nationally. To ensure clear lines of governance, the following diagram describes the individuals with responsibility for a trainee within a regional or multi-regional/national programme. Each trainee is overseen by a Postgraduate Dean (PGD) or GP Director (GPD).

a) Regional Model

b) Multi-region / National Model


Training Management Team

We are here to help and assist every step of the way to ensure you achieve your CCT (CESR or CCST) and develop the right skills and experience to successfully practice as a consultant, dental specialist, or GP, whatever your career plan and specialty.



Professor Clare McKenzie, Postgraduate Dean

Dr Amjad Khan, GP Director

Associate Postgraduate Deans

Mrs Karen Shearer, Training Manager

Professor Alan Denison, Postgraduate Dean

Dr Amjad Khan, GP Director

Associate Postgraduate Deans

Mrs Karen Shearer, Training Manager

Professor Adam Hill, Postgraduate Dean

Dr Amjad Khan, GP Director

Associate Postgraduate Deans

Mrs Ashleigh McGovern, Deputy Training Manager

Professor Alastair McLellan, Postgraduate Dean

Professor Moya Kelly, GP Director

Associate Postgraduate Deans

Ms Laura Armstrong, Training Manager





Professor Clare McKenzie   Postgraduate Dean, East Region  Lead for Careers, Study Leave & Simulation, Progression (ARCP & appeals), policy development

Professor Moya Kelly  Director of GP Education, West Region  Lead for GP Recruitment, Professional Support, Flexible training

Anne Dickson   General Manager  Lead for Digital Systems, Data Management, Recruitment Systems, Training Managment

Vacant    Senior Training Manager  Lead for Training Administration & Regional Teams

Fiona Muchet  Medical Projects Manager  Lead for UK/National Recruitment Management


Professor Alastair McLellan  Postgraduate Dean, West Region Lead for Quality Management

Dr Amjad Khan   GP Director East of Scotland

Duncan Pollock  General Manager  Lead for Quality Management administration, data management

Jill Murray   Senior Quality Improvement Manager


Professor Ronald MacVicar Postgraduate Dean, North Region Lead for Professional Development, Recognition of Trainers, Faculty Development, GP CPD

Professor Anthea Lints  Director of GP Education, SE Region Lead for Professional Development, Forensic Medical Examiner Training, Specialty Doctor Development

Adrian Dalby  General Manager  Lead for Professional Development Team Management

Your primary contacts for postgraduate dental training are listed within the dental section of this website.

These are the most likely contacts you will need. However you will also meet members of the Quality team and colleagues who will support your development. For more information on Deanery staff and how we are structured, please visit Our People.

Also available:

Advice for trainee doctors in relation to using social media [leaflet prepared by NHS Ayrshire & Arran].

NES Whistleblowing policy [applicable to NES staff and individuals who interact with NES, including trainees].