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Scottish IMG Buddy Scheme (SIBS)

 "I'm very grateful to the Scotland Deanery for introducing the buddy system, for it helped me a lot in making a smooth transition to the UK and I'm very grateful for that to my buddy as well" - Participant in the Scottish IMG Buddy Scheme

"Many places of Scotland were not known to me until I received email at Oriel that I have been accepted for training. While I was searching everything at Google, I was thinking that knowing any person directly could save much of time and find most appropriate answers. During this time, I came across "Buddy System" initiatives of NES and within short time they connected me with the doctor who is already working in the hospital and living in city where I was about start my journey. I feel privileged after receiving such wonderful support from NES initiatives." - Participant in the Scottish IMG Buddy Scheme


The Scotland Deanery has introduced a buddy scheme to support those IMG doctors who are new to working in Scotland. Buddies will be doctors with experience of working in Scotland and will be able to offer support and guidance about living and working here. We aim to match doctors with a buddy in the same geographical area so that they can help to answer any local queries, for example about accommodation or the local hospital.

Volunteer to be a buddy

We are seeking volunteers to act as buddies to new IMG doctors. If you are able to volunteer as a buddy, please contact sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk stating your name, country of graduation, grade, specialty and current location within Scotland. Thank you for your assistance.

Please click here for more information and guidance for buddies. A job description for buddies can be found here.

Sign up for a buddy

If you are new to working in Scotland and would like to be paired with a buddy, please contact sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk stating your name, current location within Scotland and any preferences regarding your buddy e.g. you would prefer a buddy working in Psychiatry. The first priority will be to match you with a buddy in the same geographical area so you have the opportunity to meet them in person if you wish. In some cases it may not be possible to find a buddy in your local area, in which case we will choose the most appropriate buddy for you in another location and they will be able to support you remotely.

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