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Leadership and Management Programme

The aim of this programme is to help you acquire knowledge of leadership and management and raise your awareness of how this might influence your practice.


Why is Leadership and Management Training necessary?

The changing needs of the population and the continued development of new health technologies will mean that the service provided by the NHS in Scotland will change and evolve - meaning staff doing different things, in different ways, and developing new skills.  Healthcare professionals will need to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of patients and their carers, whether in hospitals, at home or in the community.

Within a complex health and care system, healthcare professionals will need to draw on more than their clinical and technical skills alone. The LaMP programme has been designed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to help and support individuals as they develop a range of personal and professional skills and behaviours which will contribute to their effectiveness as a clinician.


What does it look like?

This programme has been designed to offer a blended learning approach which consists of two face-to-face development workshops, an online module and a workplace-based project. It describes key areas of performance under 5 domains:


  • Demonstrating personal qualities
  • Working with others
  • Managing services
  • Improving services
  • Setting Directiion


The programme is completed as shown below.



Target audience

There are currently three programmes, to suit different groups:

  1. Medical trainees at an ST3 level or beyond (ST1-3 GP trainees) and Dental Trainees
  2. SAS Doctors, Consultants and GPs
  3. Optometrists



The cost for the programme is £150, which is payable at the point of booking.

For Medical and Dental trainees, study leave budgets have been "top-sliced" to cover the cost of the programme.


Getting Started

 To register for the programme, or to book your workshops, visit www.lamp.nes.scot.nhs.uk




For any enquiries, please contact us at fda.admin@nes.scot.nhs.uk

Programme Dates

Medical and Dental trainee programme ...






 Glasgow Marriot Hotel

  Tuesday 2nd May 2017  (WS1)   Tuesday 12th September 2017  (WS2)


 Dundee -  Double Tree by Hilton

  Friday 26th May 2017  (WS1)   Friday 6th October 2017  (WS2)


 Airth Castle Hotel

  Thursday 8th June 2017  (WS1)   Thursday 28th September 2017  (WS2)


 Queens Hotel Perth

  Monday 17th July 2017  (WS1)   Monday 6th November 2017  (WS2)


 Hilton Hotel, William Street, Glasgow

  Tuesday 22nd August 2017  (WS1)   Tuesday 12th December 2017  (WS2)


 Edinburgh Hilton Grosvenor

  Wednesday 12th July 2017  (WS1)   Wednesday 18th October 2017  (WS2)


 Perth Queens Hotel

  Tuesday 14th November 2017  (WS1)   Thursday 20th March 2018  (WS2)


 Glasgow Crowne Plaza

  Thursday 12th October 2017  (WS1)   Thursday 1st February 2018 (WS2)


Green Hotel, Kinross

  Thursday 23rd November 2017 (WS1)   Thursday 15th March 2018  (WS2)


 Westpark Conference Centre, Dundee  Wednesday 11th October 2017 (WS1)  Wednesday 21st February 2018 (WS2)


 Stirling - Hotel Colessio

 Wednesday 29th November 2017 (WS1)  Wednesday 28th March 2018 (WS2)


Glasgow Hilton Hotel William Street Tuesday 7th November 201 (WSS1) Tuesday 13th March 2018 (WS2)


 Dundee Doubletree by Hilton

Wednesday 10th January 2018 (WS1) Wednesday 25th April 2018 (WS2)


Edinburgh Grosvenor Hotel 

Wednesday 17th January 2018 (WS1) *going live shortly  Wednesday 9th May 2018 (WS2)


SAS Doctors, Consultants and GPs programme - 






 Stirling Court Hotel  Thursday 16th November 2017 (WS1)  Thursday 8th March 2018 (WS2)


Glasgow Hilton Wednesday 7th February 2018 (WS1) Wednesday 11th July 2018 WS2) 


Optometrists programme ...






 Aberdeen - Hilton Treetops

 Tuesday 24th March 2017 (WS1)

 Tuesday 5th December 2017 (WS2)


 Glasgow Hilton Hotel

 Tuesday 6th February 2018  (WS1)

 Tuesday 15th May 2018 (WS2)


 Stirling Court Hotel

 Tuesday  5th September 2018  (WS1)

 Tuesday 5th December 2018 (WS2)