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When it comes to medical education and training, have you ever asked ‘how can we do this better?’ or ‘does someone, somewhere, already have a solution to our problem?’ or perhaps you have introduced a new way of teaching that works well and you want others to know about it. SHARE holds solutions to the challenges of how to deliver education and training well.

The Scotland Deanery Quality Team has developed SHARE to showcase the ideas and examples of good practice that you have been involved with. We hope you will SHARE in this exciting opportunity to promote excellence in postgraduate and undergraduate medical education & training in Scotland & elsewhere, so that others can learn: ‘what can be done’, ‘how to make it happen’ and ‘who to contact for more information’.

It’s easy to SHARE: To contribute and help others benefit from your experience simply review our acceptance criteria, download and complete our case study template and submit it to the SHARE website.

For those seeking solutions, use our general or advanced search buttons and then filter to refine your search.

Visit http://www.share.scot.nhs.uk/ or alternatively email us at: share.scotland@nes.scot.nhs.uk

SHARE acceptance criteria

1. The idea is relevant to medical education and training.
2. What is described presents a significant improvement upon the previous situation.
3. The description applies to a process that is still happening i.e. introduced no more than 3 years ago and still operational.
4. The idea has been adopted for use locally or further afield.
5. Where a medical trainee or medical student is lead author, the authorship will also usually include at least one trainer or lead in medical education, who has been involved in the project.
6. The process shows use of relevant quality methodology steps.
7. The output achieves the stated aim and is deliverable by the process described.
8. There is evidence that impact analysis or evaluation is planned or undertaken.
9. The report is written in such a way that it can be readily understood by a UK audience e.g. use of clear English language, explanation of unusual acronyms.
10. The idea is something that will have applicability elsewhere.