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GMC Deanery Report

Until 2016 the Deanery Report was completed on an annual basis, but in 2016 the GMC introduced an online reporting system, ODR, to allow more regular sharing of information and updates. Updates can now be provided following quality management activity such as deanery visits or receipt of reports from Directors of Medical Education and Training Programme Directors. Each Specialty Quality Management Group (SQMG) is responsible for responding to the items in the ODR that relate to the specialties within scope of the sQMG. Development of the ODR enables each SQMG will continually review the progress being made to resolve any concerns and provide the most current data to the GMC on an ongoing basis. The LDD is accountable for the Report, that is managed by the QLs & QIMs associated with the sQMG.


Scotland Deanery Annual Quality Report

In Autumn 2017, the Scotland Deanery produced its Annual Quality Report which sets out the extensive work that continues to be done by Scotland’s Quality Management (QM) system, ensuring a consistent national way of working,  whilst ensuring that our programmes of training meet the standards and requirements set by the regulator. In addition to the annual report, a thematic report has been produced, analysing the June 2017 Medical Scottish Trainee Survey (STS) Freetext Comments (FTC).