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SOAR Declarations / Revalidation

Please consult this very useful guidance on your SOAR / Revalidation responsibilities as TPD: SOAR Guidance for PDs

SOAR (Scottish Online Appraisal Resource) Declarations

As part of the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process, trainees are required to complete and submit a SOAR Declaration. Failure to complete this declaration will result in the trainee receiving an Outcome 5 (Incomplete Evidence Presented).

Revalidation Process for Trainees

Revalidation is usually every five years, based on a recommendation received from the responsible officer in the organisation that is supporting doctors with their appraisal and revalidation. This organisation is called the ‘designated body’.  The Responsible Officer is a licensed doctor who is usually the Medical Director or the deputy of that organisation. For NES, the Responsible Officer is Professor Stewart Irvine who delegates responsibility to the Postgraduate Deans and GP Directors.  Revalidation submission date is the date by which the GMC receive a recommendation about a doctor from the Responsible Officer.

As mentioned above, trainees are revalidated every 5 years, but also at the point of CCT. This means that some trainees will be revalidated more than once during their training period, and that revalidation dates for trainees might have to be moved within the limits of GMC regulations.

GMC Guidance on Revalidation

Requirements for revalidation of doctors in postgraduate training where scope of practice extends outside their training programme.

Trainees and educational supervisors should ensure completion of SOAR annually to comply with revalidation guidance (not applicable to F1). Trainees should be aware that their declaration applies to all work that they undertake and that only TPDs can give permission for trainees to undertake locum/private work (which should be referenced in their SOAR submissions).

Six months before: GMC will ask the doctor to check that the designated body information held is correct.

Four months before: GMC will send the doctor formal notice requesting a recommendation from the Responsible Officer by their revalidation submission date. The Responsible Officer will know that the GMC will have issued him/her with this notice.

Ten days before: if no recommendation has been received, the GMC will write to the doctor to let them know. The Responsible Officer may well have everything in hand but the doctor needs to be aware that their licence to practise may be at risk if no recommendation about them has been received by the required date. The doctor should contact the Responsible Officer and ask them to submit their recommendation by the submission date.

The organogram below is an overview of the trainee process on the SOAR system.

 Revalidation Process for Trainers