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Getting fully registered with the GMC

GMC Full Registration

You must have full registration before you start F2. Follow this simple guide to make sure this is in place.

Applying on GMC Online

Three months before you're due to start F2, you should log in to GMC Online at www.gmc-uk.org/gmconline to apply.

You'll need your GMC reference number and the password you set when you applied for provisional registration. If you can't remember your password, you can reset it on the log in page.

On the menu on the left, click on 'My Details' and make sure your address and telephone numbers are correct. Next, click on 'My Registration' then 'My Applications', and follow the instructions to apply.

Then you'll need to:

  • confirm your start date (F2 start date)
  • complete a declaration of fitness to practice
  • pay the relevant application fee

Confirming your start date

You will be asked to confirm the date you want your full registration to start. For 2019 the F2 start date is 7th August 2019.

Declaring any fitness to practice issues

You'll need to declare any issues that could potentially affect your suitability to be a doctor (fitness to practice issues), such as criminal convictions or problems with drug or alcohol abuse. You should declare all potential fitness to practice issues - you can find out more about these on the GMC website at www.gmc-uk.org/ftpdec .

If you have a fitness to practice issue to declare, you should apply as early as possible because they may need further evidence from you about it. If you're not sure whether something matters, it's better to declare it so they can assess and discount it rather than finding out about it later on.

Paying the fee

The cost of full registration is £200  - you'll need to pay this when you submit your online application. Paying the fee doesn't automatically grant your registration with a license to practice; this will be granted if they approve your application.

Sending your Certificate of Experience

Before the GMC can grant your registration, your medical school (or their designated signatory) needs to confirm that you've met the requirements of F1. They do this by submitting the Certificate of Experience directly to the GMC within their timeline.

If you are a UK graduate, the designated representative of your medical school will automatically submit your certificate of experience to the GMC. 

If you are a non-UK graduate Your registration will be processed through the Foundation School you are currently working in. The designated representative of your Foundation School will automatically send your certificate of experience directly to the GMC. 

To find out who's responsible for completing your certificate please refer to the GMC web page: www.gmc-uk.org/FPContacts

The GMC will process your application when they receive your Certificate of Experience and match it with your online application. You can check the progress of your application by clicking on 'My Applications' on GMC Online. They will send you a certificate once they have processed your application.

Before you start work

Your new registration status will show on the online medical register from the start date you chose in your application. You can see this at www.gmc-uk.org/LRMP . You should make sure that you're fully registered before you start work.

If you have any questions or need any more information, you can contact the GMC by either email: gmc@gmc-uk.org.