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ARCP Dates - 2018

This page will be regularly updated, any queries should be directed to your deanery administrator.

The deanery has agreed that for ARCP, trainees are required to submit their evidence at least two weeks before the date of the ARCP (desktop review). The deanery expects a level of professionalism from all trainees and educational supervisors in this respect and requires trainees to work towards and meet this submission date. Failure to do so will result in the issue of an outcome 5, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

You will be notified of your ARCP by email, 4-6 months before, and 8 weeks before the date of the desktop review.

Programme  Region Date of ARCP (Desktop Review) 
 Foundation   West   June 2018 
 Foundation   East   27 June & 5, 6 July 2018
 General Practice   South-East  4 July 2018
 General Practice  North   18 July 2018 
 General Practice   East   3 & 17 July 2018 
 Obstetrics & Gynaecology  East   29 June 2018 
 Ophthalmology  North   29 June 2018 
 Respiratory Medicine  South-East  4 July 2018