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Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship scheme

What is the aim of the Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship (SCLF) programme?

The programme aims to provide NHS Scotland with a cadre of doctors and dentists that are committed to living and working in Scotland and have enhanced capability to offer leadership in their workplace and potentially at national and international levels. It is a year-long programme that takes doctors or dentists in training out of a clinical environment to focus on developing themselves as potential health leaders of the future.


Who can apply to become a SCLF?

You need to be in a medical or dental training programme in Scotland to apply for the SCLF programme. Medical trainees must have successfully completed CT2/ ST2 at the time of commencing the post.

Dental trainees must, at the time of interview, be in a substantive dental specialty training post in Scotland and must have successfully completed two years of dental specialty training.


Where will I be based as a SCLF?

Fellows are hosted in a number of host organisations in Scotland, either within a single organisation, or more commonly co-hosted between either NES or Scottish Government and one of the partner organisations. Host organisations over the last few years include:

  • Scottish Government Health & Social Care Directorates
    • Health Workforce
    • Chief Medical Officer
    • Chief Dental Officer
    • Quality and Improvement Directorate
  • NHS Education for Scotland
  • National Services Scotland
  • Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  • General Medical Council
  • Scottish Deans’ Medical Education Group
  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland
  • North of Scotland Planning Group


How do I develop my skills as a leader?

Leadership development for the Fellows in the programme is facilitated through opportunities provided in the host organisation, commitment to project work, and provision of leadership development support, opportunities and programme. Fellows have access to a bespoke leadership development programme that includes action learning, 1:1 coaching, portfolio development and support, theory based modules and access to inter-professional paired learning opportunities.


Can I continue to undertake clinical work?

The fellowship gives trainees an opportunity to work outside of the clinical environment, so there is no commitment to clinical work required. Depending on the host organisation, there may be scope for fellows to continue with a small clinical commitment if they wish to. Fellows who wish to locum in their own time can do so.  

The year does not count towards training time, so taking time out to undertake the programme will necessitate delaying your CCT date.


How do I apply for the programme?

The application process for the programme begins each November. Short-listed candidates are interviewed and appointed in January. This allows plenty of time for an out-of-programme application before the start date in the following August.


Where can I find out more information?

To find out more about the Fellowship from the current cohort, have a look at their blog at https://sclfblog.wordpress.com or follow them on Twitter @SCLF7.

To discuss a potential application or to clarify eligibility for the programme, you can email Ronald.MacVicar@nes.scot.nhs.uk

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