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Advanced Medical Educators Course (AMEC)

Advanced Medical Educators Course (AMEC)


Aims & Objectives:

This is a one-day course for Primary* and Secondary care clinicians.  For those in Primary care you may be a Foundation supervisor, a Retainer Mentor, an Undergraduate tutor or acting as a Clinical Supervisor in the OOH setting only.  For those in Secondary care you will either be a Clinical or an Educational Supervisor for Foundation Speciality or GPSTs.

The course aims to assist you to develop your skills and confidence in those roles and to take on new challenges. 

It can be used to demonstrate ongoing development in relation to the Recognition of Trainers process at appraisal and revalidation and is of particular value to trainers of more than 3 years’ experience.

The main areas of focus are  

1) Giving difficult feedback

2) Non-violent communication

3) Role modelling

4) Reflection

5) The use of narrative

*This course is not for GPs who are GPST Educational Supervisors, as this group of trainers would be served by the Approved and Experienced Educational Supervisor Workshops.


 Course cost = £150 (Please be aware that course costs are currently under review and may be liable to change)

 Please note: We request that anyone attending these courses not be on call and ensure mobile phones & devices are switched off for the duration of the course


 2020 Course Dates - Live and available to book - other dates due to be released shortly. 


 Time  Venue    Availability
 Friday, 6th March 2020  09:00 - 16:30  Inverness   Live and available for booking
 Thursday 23rd April 2020  09:00 - 16:30  Dumfries & Galloway   Live and available for booking
 Thursday 7th May 2020  09:00 - 16:30  Westport, Edinburgh  Live and available for booking
 Friday, 5th June 2020  09:00 - 16:30  FRGH, Aberdeen   Live and available for booking
 Friday, 25th September 2020  09:00 - 16:30  2CQ, Glasgow   TBC
 Thursday, 26th November 2020  09:00 - 16:30  Ninewells, Dundee  TBC
 Thursday, 3rd December 2020  09:00 - 16:30  Westport, Edinburgh   TBC


Bookings: Places can only be booked through the FDA IT Platform, by creating an account and accessing 'Resources for Experienced Trainers'.  Please note that some smartphone browsers may not support this site.  For more information please contact the admin team at fda.admin@nes.scot.nhs.uk

Booking Guide


Cancellations and Refunds: Please note that full automated refund can be generated from the Portal for cancellations up to 4 weeks prior to the course.  Within 4 weeks of the course date, refunds may be given in exceptional circumstances only or your place may be transferred to another course if there is availability.  Please note that if you have previously cancelled a course within 4 weeks of the original course date and are reallocated a place on another course by the FDA Team, which you then cancel, no refund will normally be offered.