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Specialty Training Committee

The Specialty Training Committee is the name for NES committee that advises and manages training for a GMC approved training programme (core or specialty). The committee forms an important part of NES Governance of Postgraduate Medical Education. The committee ensures delivery of education to the standards set out in the “Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training (The Gold Guide)” and GMC “Promoting Excellence: standards for medical education and training” as well as complying with NES specific policies and procedures.  The Programme Director will be an integral member of this committee.

Terms of Reference of a Specialty Training Committee (includes Foundation, Core and Specialty Training)

The terms of reference includes a template for STC agendas to ensure all aspects of training are considered. This should act as an aid memoire, recognising that not all agenda items will be discussed at every meeting.

A guide to regular agenda items which should be covered under the Quality Management section at all relevant STC meetings can be found here