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Special Circumstances

All Students and Medical Schools should follow the UKFPO Guidance on applying for Special Circumstances available on the UKFPO website. Guidance for applicants for 2020 entry is available here and guidance for Medical Schools is available here. For 2020 intake all Special Circumstances applications will be managed by the UKFPO via a national review panel.

Once your Special Circumstances application has been approved and you have been pre-allocated to the Scottish Foundation School using the national process and guidelines, the Scottish Foundation School administration team will contact you via the email provided on your application. If the Foundation Programme is over-subscribed and there are more applicants than places, pre-allocation to a specific Foundation School on the grounds of Special Circumstances is only guaranteed for those who have a high enough application score to make the primary list. Other applicants will be placed on the reserve list.

The Scottish Foundation School cannot guarantee a specific Programme Group or location but we will endeavour to meet your request to be placed in a particular region (East, North, South East or West). Allocations will be based upon factors including applicants’ home locations, personal circumstances and their preferred Groups.

All applicants applying through Special Circumstances who are on the primary list will be informed of their individual Group allocation at the same time as other applicants.

Please also see the Special Circumstances FAQs on the Scottish Medical Training website. If you have any other queries please contact sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk.