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Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)

The Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) is a mandatory assessment for the completion of Foundation Year 1 training. This assessment was introduced as requirement by the GMC. Most UK medical graduates will be in possession of a pass prior to entry to FY1 however, as it is not a requirement for graduation in countries outside the UK, some FY1s will be required to pass during the FY1 year. The MSCA have set specific dates throughout the training year. The Foundation School would expect that, as this is a mandatory requirement for successful completion of ARCP and hence registration with the GMC, they should be allowed to take leave to sit the assessment. The School would expect that trainees should not be required to swap shifts or sit during annual leave. The dates are publicised well in advance to allow planning. If there are challenges in rotas then the FPDs/Consortium Leads should be expected to support the trainee in securing time to sit the assessment.

It is recommended that trainees who are appointed to a FY1 standalone post who hold full registration should sit the PSA.

As long as the trainee has passed the PSA, it is valid indefinitely once they are an F1 trainee. The time limit only applies at the point of entry.

As the PSA is required for the end of FY1 and not the entry point, any trainee who has yet to pass should not be required to have a different level of prescribing supervision unless the clinical/educational supervisors or FPDs have identified a prescribing concern. All FY1 trainees irrespective of their PSA status require to have their prescribing supervised by the clinical team.

More information is available from the Foundation Leads and Consortium Leads; their contact details can be found here.

If you have any queries about sitting the PSA, please contact gillian.carter@nes.scot.nhs.uk.

Please click here for the Scottish PSA Guidance document.

Dates for PSA 2018-2019

13th May 2019, 1pm

Dates for PSA 2019-2020

3rd September 2019, 1pm

Other dates TBC