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Learning in Foundation Training (LIFT)

Learning in Foundation Training (LIFT)

One of the key requirements for foundation doctors is to obtain a satisfactory ARCP and be allowed to progress 100% coverage of the curriculum.  This can be achieved a number of ways including attendance at the local teaching programme. It is appreciated that some of you may have difficulty reaching the 30 hour level due to rotas. therefore the school has provided some additional guidance which can be viewed here. The Scottish e-learning modules can be accessed through LIFT which is available through the top line TAB in your e-portfolio.

Please see also LearnPro and e-Learning for Health (eLfH).

Provision of LIFT modules

The School is aware that there are many e-learning modules available not just in medicine and cover a wide variety of issues, many of which may be very relevant to the foundation doctors.  If you, or your organisation, would like to provide an e-learning module for the foundation doctors to access, please fill in the following form outlining the module.

This will then be discussed for inclusion into LIFT.