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Key Dates


F1 Shadowing and Induction Period:

30th July - 6th August 2019

Please note that your provisional GMC registration must be in place by 29th July 2019. The window to apply for provisional registration opens on 28th April 2019 and you can choose for your registration to start any time between your graduation and 29th July 2019.

F1/F2 Start Date:

7th August 2019

PSA Dates:

3rd September 2019, 1pm

Other dates TBC


F1 Shadowing and Induction Period:

24th July-30th July 2018

F1/F2 Start Date:

31st July 2018


5th December 2018 (4 month placements)

6th February 2019 (4 and 6 month placements)

3rd April 2019 (4 month placements)

PSA Dates:

11th March 2019, 1pm

13th May 2019, 1pm


Please note that shadowing and induction will occur within the period stated, but specific dates will vary by region.


Key personnel within your employing Health Board/Hospital:

When you begin your Foundation Training it is important that you identify the key personnel who work within your Health Board/Hospital as they will be able to assist you during your foundation years. Every Health Board/Hospital has a staffed Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, a Director of Postgraduate Medical Education, and a Foundation Training Programme Director. From the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, you will receive a full induction, find out about your study leave, courses available, assessment and appraisal, teaching sessions and much more.

You will receive information regarding your contracts, banding annual leave and sickness leave from the Medical Staffing Department within the Health Board. 

To find out about lead employer arrangements for doctors in training, please see the Turas Hub.