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Inter-Foundation School Transfers

If you wish to move between Foundation Schools (an Inter-Foundation School Transfer, or IFST), you must check the relevant guidance for applicants on the UKFPO website

  • There are certain criteria that must be met for an IFST. 
  • Transfers will only be allowed if circumstances have changed before the FY1 year or between FY1 and FY2. 
  • Transfers out with this period will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances. 

All applications must be approved and signed by the local Foundation Programme Director before being considered by the Foundation Leads.

Applications for an inter-foundation school transfer may be submitted at any time, but must normally be received before the end of May and transfers must normally be confirmed or denied by the end of June of the relevant year. Transfers may only be considered at other times in exceptional circumstances.

Further information can be found here.