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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Study Leave entitlement? 

All information regarding Study Leave can be found in the Study Leave section of the Scotland Deanery website.

What is a taster? 

Tasters are designed to give Foundation Doctors an opportunity to gain an understanding of a specialty which they have not otherwise experienced as part of their Foundation Training through spending a short period within this specialty. A taster should last a maximum of five days and two tasters are permitted over the course of the two years. To fully benefit from tasters, F1 doctors should discuss their career aspirations with their educational supervisor at the middle of the F1 year and plan accordingly for the last block. Please note that tasters cannot be taken out-with Scotland, and should usually be arranged within your current region of training. Please consult with your Foundation Programme Director (FPD) for more information and see the Tasters section on the Scotland Deanery website.

Where can I get Careers Advice? 

Careers advice will be available from your local FPD as well as from the Associate Dean in each of the regional deanery offices. Further information regarding careers advice can be found on the Scotland Deanery website.

Can I take time out of the Foundation Programme (TOFP)? 

Foundation Doctors contemplating requesting TOFP should check the relevant guidance on the UKFPO website.

How do I transfer from one School to another?

Foundation Doctors contemplating requesting an Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST) should check the relevant Guidance for Applicants on the UKFPO website.

Can I do either my F1 or my F2 training abroad if I accept a place in the Scottish Foundation School? 

With effect from August 2010, Scotland will not support applications for Foundation training abroad, either in year 1 or year 2. This is due to the requirement to quality manage all programmes to GMC standards, which cannot be guaranteed abroad. 

I wish to place a request for information held by NES under the Data Protection Act. How do I do this? 

Please follow the NES Data Protection Act procedure. 

Will I still be able to access my portfolio after the end of my Foundation Programme?

Yes; if your Grade has expired then you will get the view of a former trainee rather than current, but will still have access to everything.