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What can we learn from NASA about leadership? - by Scotland's Chief Medical Officer

This session will provide an opportunity for you to hear from the CMO & Director of Safety, NASA about their leadership journeys

Thu, 29 July 2021

14:30 – 16:00 BST


The natural career progression within health and care is to one of leadership, but what makes a good leader? This interactive session will provide an opportunity for you to hear directly from JD Polk, Chief Health & Medical Officer & Nigel Packham, Director of Safety & Mission Assurance within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) about their leadership journeys and what they have learned along the way.

Each presentation will be presented as a story of how their career started and continued to evolve. This will be a unique opportunity for you to learn from leaders in another high intensity field and develop transferrable skills to support your own leadership journey in health and care.

Learning Outcomes:

• Gain an insight into the pathway to leadership positions beyond health and care in Scotland

• Understand what attributes make a good leader and how to develop these skills

• Learn how these aspirational leaders have learned and evolved from their experiences

• Understand their approach to team working and how to develop strong, supportive teams

• Understand how to succeed under pressure or when things don’t go to plan

The session will be hosted on MS Teams and log details will be sent to you separately in advance of the session. We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Realistic Medicine Team


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