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Empowering Neurodivergent Leaders - 12th September

  • Tuesday, 12 September 2023
  • 12:00  13:00

Register here: Empowering Neurodivergent Leaders - 12th September

Helen Musgrove, Director of Psychological Consulting at Lexxic, will be in conversation with Lucy Hobbs to discuss why neurodivergent individuals can make great leaders, how we can remove barriers to their success, and why this matters. 

Lucy has worked as a creative art director and writer for over 20 years at some of London’s best-known advertising and digital agencies.  A neurodivergent leader herself, Lucy is the founder of The Future is Neurodiverse, a network which champions and empowers neurodiversity in the creative and tech industries, and organises their annual ND Leaders event

Join Helen and Lucy as they delve into the following big questions:

  • Why can neurodivergent individuals make great leaders?

  • Why have so many neurodivergent leaders stepped outside existing organisational structures to succeed?

  • What are the systemic barriers and practices that can prevent neurodivergent individuals progressing up the corporate ladder?

  • What practical action can organisations take to remove these barriers and support neurodivergent talent to thrive?

  • How can empowering neurodivergent leaders benefit decision making, engagement and culture in organisations?

  • Why is it important to showcase and celebrate neurodivergent leaders, and how can we do this?”

We will also have time for Q & A at the end.

Please note, we use Slido in parts throughout our webinars to allow for audience participation. Our event host will provide clear instructions on how to participate, but there is absolutely no pressure to engage if you do not wish to. You will be able to access the Slido questions by using the camera on your phone to scan a QR code which the presenter will share with you, or by visiting www.slido.com and entering a code that the presenter will share with you.

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