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Monday, November 26, 2018

Critical Care Without Ceilings - 6th February 2019

The Women in Intensive Care (WICM) group, a subcommittee of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, is holding  “Critical Care without Ceilings” at the Royal College of Anaesthetist college building in Red Lion Square , London, on 6th February 2019.


The content of the meeting will cover topics suitable for all those working in hospital medicine, not just ICM and anaesthesia and not just women.


Topics covered will be of interest to anyone who has ever been told they are too assertive/confident, not assertive/confident enough (which is a surprising number of us) or anyone who has ever felt like they struggle to see themselves as a ‘leader”


With sessions on 'Leading with authenticity', 'Dealing with failure', 'Being an effective ally' and more, the day will focus on providing practical skills and advice leading to better working habits, environment and community


There will be number of workshops including an opportunity to train as a mentor and ongoing support will be given to those who decide to take up a mentoring role after this meeting.


Those of you who are educational supervisors may wish to recommend this to any trainees you feel would benefit from the day.


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