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AMP Initial Training

This training is for new AMP's only


Eligibility criteria for S22 Approval and how to become Section 22 Certified

To be eligible for S22 approval you must be a registered medical practitioner who is either:

  • a member or fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, or
  • have four years continuous experience in the speciality of psychiatry and are sponsored by your local medical director.

To complete your training under the Mental Health Act 2003 follow these instructions:


Step 1 – Part 1

The first step is to register on TURAS Learn.  You can then access the AMP Part One online training module via TURAS Learn.  

The module will take you through materials and then ask you to complete the assessment. You must get 100% on the assessment but you may have as many attempts as needed.

Once you have successfully completed Part One, you can download your certificate from TURAS Learn.


Step 2 – Part 2 (Training Day)


In order to be Section 22 certified you must attend the new AMP Part 2 Training.  Certificates of training will only be issued if you have attended the full day's event (it is not permissible to leave early).

Booking a place on a training course can be completed through the Portal.  You will need to register with the Portal to be able to book a place on this course.


The cost of attending Part 2 training is £250.


Part 2 training will take place on the following dates:


  Date   Target Audience   Time   Venue
  Friday 7th September 2018  - FULL   Consultants  08:45 - 17:00

 Westport, Edinburgh

  Monday 29th October 2018  - Spaces   Pre-CCT   08:45 - 17:00

 Westport, Edinburgh


Any enquiries about the availability of AMP training courses should be addressed to AMPTraining@nes.scot.nhs.uk.  

Please note: We request that anyone attending these courses not be on call and ensure mobile phones & devices are switched off for the duration of the course


Step 3 – Contact your local Medical Manager & register with your local Health Board

Completion of training does not mean you are automatically approved under the Act.  You still need to show your two certificates to your local Medical Manager and ensure that they have registered you with the local Health Board. Once you are registered, your approval is transferable throughout Scotland (i.e. if you register with one Board and then move to a different area your approval moves with you).