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Monday, June 5, 2017

Scottish Medical Education Conference 2017

Scottish Medical Education Conference 4th & 5th May 2017

NES hosted the 7th National Scottish Medical Education Conference over two days at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. The conference incorporated the Scottish Annual Medical Appraisers Conference, the Scottish Practice Management Development Network Annual Conference, the Pharmacy Conference and the General Practice Nursing Conference.

The event outlined recent developments and explored the many challenges facing undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, training and appraisal, in a time of tightening resources and evolving regulatory requirements.

As always there were opportunities to hear about new developments and education programmes at the event, such as the workshop on Death and Dying: Introducing an approach to support the preparedness of medical staff to manage death, dying and bereavement, a session on the use of video in the workplace, as well as consideration of the ongoing challenges around big issues like junior doctor recruitment.

The NES Medical Directorate Awards were presented at a dinner on the evening of the 4th May. Feedback from those who attended shows that this event was greatly valued as both an opportunity to recognise & reward excellence and a further opportunity for networking and informal learning.

Medical Education


Medical Education Plenary Session Presentations

Dr. Catherine Calderwood: Realising Realistic Medicine

Dr. Colin Melville: Improving Medical Education and Practice - Design for the Future

Dr. Joanne Kerrins: The Development of a Behavioural Marker System for Medical Students’ Non-Technical Skills: The Medi-StuNTS System

Dr. Rose Marie Parr: Realising Realistic Medicine - The Pharmacy Contribution

Jim Mackey: The NHS - Delivery, Leadership and Education

Dr. Jennifer Cleland: Does the mandatory postgraduate UK surgical exam predict selection into higher speciality training?

Dr. Jon Dowell: The UK Medical Education Database – Where from, where going and why?

Dr. Val Wass: Bridging Divides: Preparing doctors for the 21st century

Ruby Roberts: How Good is Your Learning Environment?

Medical Education Parallel Session Presentations

Parallel 1

Contractural Compliance - At What Cost? 

Duty of Candour

Exploring an Innovative approach to Preventing Skills Decay in Remote and Rural Communities

Performance Support: Identifying and Supporting the Trainee in Difficulty

Reaching and teaching the goldfish generation – using technology to rethink the way we teach our students

Seeing a Patient as a Patient - a more holistic view of Medicine - Longitudinal Immersive Clerkship - a driver for change

Parallel 2

Death and Dying: Competent to Care

Equality & Diversity in Healthcare Teaching: Supporting LGBT

Essentials of a Medical Careers Service: How and why to support our trainees with career advice

Learners in Difficulty - Case Studies in Fitness to Practise

Moving forward with the Medical Licensing Assessment

Professionalism and Excellence in Scottish Medicine - a national initiative

Seeing The Wood From The Trees An Introduction to Teaching and Learning Clinical Reasoning Skills

The UK Medical Education Database UKMED: What it is and How it can be Utilised

Widening Access for Medicine: Overcoming the Challenges to Work Experience Provision for Medical Careers

Parallel 3

General Practice Live A near real time e-GP Surgery learning experience for Undergraduate Medical Students

DARK ART OR SHARP SCIENCE? A workshop on workforce planning in NHS Scotland

Students as Change Agents, Facilitators & Barriers to Improving Care with Clinical Teams

Medical Appraisal


Medical Appraisal Plenary Session Presentations

Revalidation: lessons learned and reflections for the future

Medical Appraisal Parallel Session Presentations

Negotiation Skills for Appraisers

Resilience Issues in Appraisers

Systems Thinking in Quality Improvement Activities

Unconscious Bias

Practice Managers


Practice Managers Plenary Session Presentations

Primary Care in Scotland Looking to the future

The Maggies Story: What can Managers Learn

Practice Managers Parallel Session Presentations

Monitoring Risk and Improving System Safety (MoRISS): Design and Evaluation of a Safety Management Checklist Tool for Scottish General Medical Practice

Practice Sustainability: Turing a crisis into an opportunity

The new NHS Scotland Model Complaints Handling Procedure

Who Decides?

Posters Presented at the Conference

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