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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2018 NHS Education For Scotland Medical Directorate Awards: Call For Nominations

2018 NHS Education For Scotland Medical Directorate Awards

Call for Nominations



The 5th annual NES Medical Directorate Awards for 2018 is to recognise outstanding contributions to the quality of medical education and training in Scotland. Significant numbers of our undergraduate students excel in national competitions and awards, those who graduate from Scottish Medical Schools rank very highly in Foundation Programme selection processes and many of our postgraduate training programmes rank 1st, 2nd or 3rd in league tables of the 20 UK Deanery/LETBs for “overall satisfaction”.  Due to the current nature of regulatory monitoring, often the focus of quality management processes is on areas of medical education and training that require development, however it is known that many aspects are excellent and deserve recognition.

 A core group including representation from the Postgraduate Deans, GP Directors, STB Chairs, Scottish Deans Medical Education Group, Scottish Foundation School, NES General Management, Directors of Medical Education and trainees currently oversee this initiative. Awards will be made at the congress dinner during the 8th Annual Scottish Medical Education Conference on Thursday 26 April 2018.

 Categories of Award

 Lifetime Achievement Award in Medical Education

 This award will be in recognition and celebration of unusually significant and sustained contributions to Scottish medical education & training throughout a distinguished career.


  1. a) The award will be given in recognition of an individual’s significant and sustained excellence, extraordinary innovation, and exceptional contribution to medical education & training in Scotland over a career.
  2. b) The award is for lifetime achievement rather than for a single contribution, no matter how monumental. Nominees will usually have had a minimum of 20 years of distinguished service to medical education, with the majority of achievements taking place within a Scottish context.
  3. c) All aspects of teaching and learning will be considered, including both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, pedagogic research and strategic leadership.
  4. d) By virtue of the criteria, this distinguished award may not be made every year.

      2.   Award for Scholarship

Scholarship is defined as demonstrating “a lifelong commitment to reflective learning, as well as the creation, dissemination, application and translation of medical knowledge” by the CanMEDS framework (2005).


Nominees should:

  1. a) Function effectively, integrating professional roles to provide optimal, ethical and relevant medical education;
  2. b) Establish and maintain educational knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to their practice;
  3. c) Effectively identify and explore issues to be addressed in education, including the learners’ contexts and preferences whilst demonstrating appropriate judgement and leadership;
  4. d) Devise and use appropriate strategies for construction, delivery and evaluation of educational situations, cultures and climates;
  5. e) Devise and use appropriate strategies in the construction, execution and reporting of medical educational research;

    3. Award for Process Development and Implementation

This award will be given to acknowledge an individual or team’s significant input to the implementation of a new process with relevance to medical education and training in Scotland. Any local, regional or national initiative could be considered for the award.



Nominees should have:

  1. a) Contributed significantly to the development or implementation of a new process relating to medical education and training in Scotland
  2. b) Co-ordinated or contributed to the development of policy or strategy for the implementation of the recognition process.
  3. c) Led in design or development of products that would be relevant for the process.
  4. d) Led in the design or development of communications with respect to the process.


  1. Award for Innovation in Training

This award will be given in recognition of education or training that goes beyond the expected level of curriculum delivery. It may involve an individual, a local group or a regional team. It may relate to any aspect of training eg simulation, career guidance, leadership development, training the trainer etc., but would not include delivery of exam courses unless some exceptional element was involved.


Nominees should have:

  1. a) Been instrumental in the design of a novel innovation which has materially contributed to excellence in medical education and training in Scotland
  2. b) Led in ensuring any initiative has been fully developed and delivered for the benefit of students or trainees

    5. Team of the Year Award


This award will be presented to a team which should comprise 3 or more individuals, but should include at least one UG or PG trainer. The team could be located in Primary care, Secondary care, Medical School, Deanery, Health Board or a combination of these locations & staff. Those benefiting could be students, FY, GPST, Core or Specialty Trainees.


Nominees should fulfil all of the following:

  1. a) Demonstration of effort, commitment and dedication - well above the norm
  2. b) Demonstration of leadership of change for the better
  3. c) Has brought about substantial improvement in medical education and training experience, outcomes or achievements


  1. Award for Staff Support

This award will be presented to recognise the exceptional support that is given by administrative / secretarial staff across the NES Regional Offices, Medical Schools and Health Boards.


Nominees will demonstrate evidence of innovation, professionalism, team working, exceptional performance and aptitude well in excess of their contracted duties. Nominations will be equally valued and welcomed where the nominee has been pivotal in effecting positive change in a local educational environment, a quality improvement activity, or in developing/introducing educational systems at a regional/national level.

    7. Award for an Outstanding Role Model

 This award will be given in recognition of an individual whose behaviours, examples or successes have inspired medical students or postgraduate trainees in Scotland.


Nominees should have:

  1. a) Demonstrated exceptional character and dedication, perhaps over an extended period of time or during particularly challenging circumstances
  2. b) Had a remarkably positive influence on many students and or trainees

   8. Award for Excellence in Facilitating Transitions in Medical Education & Training

A key concern across the medical training continuum is that of how periods of transition into, out of and during stages of training are designed, delivered and evaluated.  Examples of major transitional stages and structures include: widening access programmes that support school transition to medical school; sharing of information at the undergraduate / postgraduate interface; entry to specialty training; management and leadership skills that support the transition from trainee to Consultant; induction programmes. Poor transitions are associated with educational and clinical risks for learners, their supervisors and potentially patients.

This award will be given to an individual or team that have developed and introduced a programme, course or event that promotes a seamless transition between interfaces of training. This will typically involve an anticipatory and/or induction intervention.


Nominees should have:

  1. a) Been instrumental in the design and introduction of an intervention that leads to a positive experience for learners and/or supervisors at a key transition period.
  2. b) Evaluated the impact of the intervention

   9. Nominators

Nominators may be individuals, but more usually will be the Chair (or nominated deputy) of a relevant committee / board or institution. Examples would include: Universities; Medical Schools; MDET; NES Workstream; NES Regional Office; Specialty Training Board; Scottish Deans Medical Education Group (SDMEG); NHS Boards; DME Group; Royal Colleges/Faculties; Patient Groups.

  1. If nominating on behalf of an organisation, please ensure that you have permission to do so.

 Nomination Process

  1. Nominations can be submitted by following the enclosed Questback link :
  2. The CLOSING DATE for submissions is Friday 16 March 2018.
  3. The nomination statement must indicate the award category, will typically be around 500 words but no more than 750 words in length, take the form of a narrative, and must specifically address the criteria, highlighting why the nominee is deserving of the award.
  4. The nomination statement may be supplemented by a curriculum vitae and up to three supporting materials (if appropriate). These can include: supporting testimonials, documents containing statistics, supporting research, evaluation or inspection reports, press cuttings and promotional material and should be submitted separately to Medical_Awards@nes.scot.nhs.uk
  5. Any queries should be sent to Medical_Awards@nes.scot.nhs.uk


Conflicts of Interest

  1. Nominators must declare all personal and professional conflicts of interest e.g. if nominating a spouse/partner or other relation.
  2. Conflict of interest will not prevent acceptance of the nomination, but will be borne in mind by the awarding panel when considering the award.


Awarding Panel

This will comprise senior leaders in medical education and training in Scotland and include representation from relevant learner groups.

  1. The core membership group includes:
  2. Professor Rowan Parks (Chair) Deputy Medical Director, NES
  3. Professor Bill Reid                         Postgraduate Dean, NES
  4. Professor Moya Kelly             GP Director, NES
  5. Dr Duncan Henderson Associate PG Dean (Foundation)
  6. Dr Rhiannon Pugh                         Specialty Training Board Chair
  7. Professor Alan Denison SDMEG
  8. Dr Simon Edgar                         Director of Medical Education
  9. Mr Alistair Geraghty Clinical Leadership Fellow, NES
  10. Duncan Pollock General Manager, NES


Award Ceremony

Ø  Each category winner will be presented with a commemorative certificate at the conference dinner on Thursday 26 April 2018.

2018 NHS Education Scotland Medical Directorate Awards

Call for Nominations



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